It's all about YOU

My Mission

To create lifetime change Physically, Mentally and Emotionally, through Nutrition, Fitness and Personal Development.

"Change is inevitable, Growth is Intentional"


Experience & Professionalism

John Oliver (MS CSCS CPFT) is an elite level trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He works with professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes, physicians, persons with physical and mental disabilities and average everyday people just looking to achieve ultimate results. 

John has created multiple successful businesses including BLAST (a Fitness and Performance Center), Fit 4 Life Formula® (a Health and Wellness community, with his own line of Nutrition supplements and fitness system). He is the President/CEO of JOLT® (an elite level Sports and Personal Training company), is the Vice President of Partnerships for Trusum Visions and has served as a personal results specialist for Tony Robbins and the Robbins Research Institute.

Education and Background

John earned his Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology after returning to West Virginia University following an aspiring professional basketball career-ending back injury.  He has earned multiple nationally accredited elite training certifications, and with his distinctions, is considered one of the top in his field. His intensive education on nutrition, wellness, and personal development have successfully empowered people globally to be the ultimate best versions of themselves.

John is also a very accomplished entrepreneur and has been consulting businesses and professionals at an unparalleled rate of success.