johnOliverJOLT, which stands for John Oliver’s Lifestyle Training, is a training program built for any lifestyle. No matter what you do or what your goals are, they can be achieved together with John through hard work, dedication, and education.

John Oliver’s Lifestyle Training mission is to improve ones quality of life both mentally and physically, through science and education. Overall providing safe and effective workouts that are goal orientated and promote life changing results.

Having trained people from ages 6 through 80, rehabilitation clients, sport specific athletes, and everyone in between who simply training6want to tone up, lose weight and be healthier. John Oliver’s Lifestyle Training operates out of a 4000 square foot facility with a variety of equipment, including Strength training machines, Resistance Band walls, multifunctional cable towers, free-weights and cutting-edge cardiovascular equipment with 15″ flat screen HD color televisions attached.

There is no membership fee because it is not an open club membership gym (Lifestyle’s , Bally’s, or Gold’s). Since you are spending your money on personal training then you deserve the amenities of a five-star resort. Provided
training1at the facility are men’s and women’s changing rooms which include showers as well as all the necessities you would have at home in your bathroom from shampoo, body wash, hairdryers, disposable razors or a Q-tip, to make you feel as comfortable as possible .The hours of operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you want to train John is there for you. JOLT operates with you the “client” as the number one priority.



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