William Watson

Two years ago while on vacation my father, William Watson, fell and broke his hip in the middle of the night at his hotel in Punta Cana. It took him nine hours to push himself out into the hall to get help and in the process of pushing himself along on the floor he tore off the back of his heel. The Doctor in the Dominican Republic hospital told me that my father suffered a heart attack while undergoing surgery to strap his hip together and that he would most likely have some degree of brain damage. I flew him back to the US by Air Ambulance with a trauma crew and when they brought him into the hospital here we were informed that my father also had a stroke during the flight. The Doctors were not sure if he was going to survive the trauma of a broken hip, heart attack and stroke.

The first thing I arranged was for my dad to go to a gym and have a personal trainer to help him regain the use of his legs.

Rehab in the hospital and nursing home focused only on my father’s injured leg. You explained that healing an injury can not be isolated to only that area or limb. Your plan to help my father was to focus on overall body and strength training. I arranged to have my dad visit the gym and work out with you three days a week. My only wish at that point was for my father to be able to recover enough to be able to take care of his personal needs.

Your patience and training made the difference in my father’s life. After only two weeks you had my father walking without his walker.

At the end of two months my father was able to walk on the treadmill sideways and backwards. After four months you had helped my father to figure out how to put on his own socks. Honestly, this is something the doctors felt would be impossible. You understood how to encourage my dad and how to get the maximum amount of response from him. I would often watch you work with my dad. It was amazing to see how much my father could accomplish with you expert guidance. My father’s doctors were amazed to see his progress.

My father is now able to travel with me again which is his passion and motivation for living. The quality of life my father experiences today is because my father trusted and followed your advice. Thank you for giving me back quality time with my father.


Michelle Piccione