Rachel Slowey

“There comes a point in everyones life – where you loose sense of you… try to escape negative feelings… surrounding yourself with anything and everything to stay busy and not take the time to focus – ON YOU! But you can’t run forever – you eventually have to stop, pull your inner strength together and deal with what you were running away from – focusing on YOU! because at the end of the day if you can’t be happy for yourself in every way you are and know you deserve – your selling your potential short.

John and I have been friends since he moved down here to Tampa – we have that WNY connection :). I’ve always admired what he did… his passion, drive, taking control of his life and doing HIM! Jan ’09 I finally went to him… to take advantage of his knowledge and help put me back on focus – to ME – what I am and what I deserve. Being friends with John I knew I could go to him, be honest and get the results (as his record speaks for itself). All you need to do is FOCUS! Hard work, dedication, and getting back to that lifestyle I have always lived. I knew I need a coach, as in soccer, to push me beyond where I would have stopped on my own and take focus of MY Life, Body & Confidence. It’s easy to have obstacles thrown your way and run… but don’t fall off your track – always keep focus on you – because if you don’t… no one else can and you’re not living your life to the fullest potential you deserve.

Thank you John! For working me at a steady pace… gradually growing and changing my LIFE – for the better, healthier and to the lifestyle I’ve always had… getting back that focus of ME! & Thank you for letting me take a wrong turn, then putting me back on track as we all need to learn from our mistakes or should I say road bumps in life.”

-Rachel Slowey (Jan ’10)