Jennifer McVan

My husband, Danny and I met John Oliver in 2004. We were newly engaged, and on the lookout for the perfect trainer to get us in shape and toned for our wedding day. We admired the way John Oliver led by example. We could tell, just by watching him workout other clients, they were having fun, yet still sweating off the pounds! We signed up immediately. I informed him I was ready for Bridal Boot-Camp. John Oliver began strategically planning our individual workouts to best suit our needs. During each workout, I felt stronger and stronger. I also learned so much about fitness and lifting weights the right way , thanks to John.

Danny and I are both athletic, but we never worked with a “trainer” before.

John Oliver turned out to be much more than a trainer. He not only motivated us to achieve our separate workout goals, he designed a meal plan that worked hand and hand with our fitness goals. John taught us it’s a lifestyle change. He tailored each workout to fit our needs, including working around my lower back problems. John Oliver coached us to achieve our short and long term fitness goals.

Danny and I accomplished our individual goals, lost weight and looked great for our Wedding Day. I lost over 30 pounds. I dropped 13.4% body fat. My wedding gown actually had to be taken in several times thanks to John Oliver…(that’s a good thing). So, I gained a few pounds back on the honeymoon, but now I know what it takes to work hard and get back on track.

Recently, my health has become even more important to me, since my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. John Oliver has helped me realize it is everyday choices, that make all the difference. He trains with high energy, professionalism, and a positive attitude. John Oliver gives others the tools to take charge of their own health, while helping them reach their full potential along the way.

Danny & I Thank You!

– Jennifer McVan