Jason Kamp

“Jason lost his first 100 lbs. in a remarkable four months through proper nutrition, cardio, and resistance training. Jason himself is the perfect example of JOLT.”

Accountability. That what John provides like no other. I am a 38 year old male with a lifetime history of working-out. Beyond that I actually managed a gold’s gym in the past. I knew all the tricks, all the exercises, all the supplements. Yet I weighed 367 pounds, smoked at least a pack a day, and could drink beer like most people drink water. I have an extremely high stress career, and for a long time I realized I was killing myself but couldn’t change. I looked for a trainer for a longtime.

Someone to push me, motivate me, hold me accountable. This turned out to be much harder than I thought. Most trainers are a joke. They have some bogus internet training, minimal knowledge and couldn’t care less about your results.

John has knowledge, experience and credentials that are unparalleled. He is a former elite athlete himself and has trained countless elite athletes. Don’t let that scare you. He has found a way to use that to push his “normal” clients to a level they never thought they could achieve.

When I hired John I told him I would give him a year to get me in shape. He told me he only needed 6 months. As usual he was right. We reached every goal he set for me. I quit smoking almost a year and a half ago and have maintained a healthy weight for a year. I am happier then I have been in decades. I have endless energy and a new passion for life that I owe to John being John.

He will hold you accountable, he will push you beyond what you think you can achieve, and you will get the results you want. John won’t accept any less. Most trainers become trainers because they want to work part time and workout themselves full time, it’s all about them. John works 7 days a week and I assure you it’s all about the clients reaching their goals. Do yourself a favor get off your butt and get started it is the best time and money you will ever spend.

The “new” Jason Kamp