Dorothy Riedel

In Sales and Marketing, during the selection process, the buyer always wants to know: “Why you and not the next guy?”  When selecting a Personal Fitness Trainer, the buyer has the same question that has to be answered.

We’ve all seen them, the glazed eyes wandering around the gym, waving and engaging in social banter, all whilst methodically counting, “…one, two, three, six, nine…”  That’s the bulk of what you see when you see “Trainers for Hire!” at your local gym.  Whoa, not for me!  Those in the know, know that the selection process is an important one.  Not only are you going to make a considerable financial commitment to your well being and fitness, it is also important to work with someone who has the knowledge to personally customize an injury-free workout for YOU.  Not the run of the mill off-the-shelf workout, but one that is specific to your personal goals and needs.

I am a 43y/o professional woman of petite stature.  Because of an athletic body type, I tend to build muscle quickly, but bulkymuscle when lifting too much weight.  However, I also <due to age, ethnicity, and physical stature> tend to hold body fat withthat muscle.  Not a good combination.  Most of the trainers I’ve worked with focused exclusively on the rudimentary lift heavy weights and then crazy cardio to burn fat.  That just didn’t work for me.  I got more muscles than I wanted and still carried a high percentage of body fat.

I have worked out with several trainers over the past 11 years and to-date, John Oliver has been the most knowledgeable and competent trainer. He listened to my needs and concerns and constructed a workout program that is varied and specific to my goals. The focus for me has been to lose body fat, gain lean muscle and strengthen my core.

John has a clear understanding of the human body and how the correlation between what we do on the outside affects what happens on the inside.  He is genuinely interested and personally committed to my success and that really makes a difference.  Everyone knows how hard it is to maintain a fitness regime.  It is very helpful when you have a coach that makes it a fun process that gets results!

I have been working with John for the past year or so and the results speak for themselves:

Height:  5’-1”
Age:  42
Weight:  139lbs
Body Fat:  38%

Height:  5’-1”
Age:  43
Weight:  117lbs
Body Fat:  16.5%

My body has completely transformed. I haven’t been this fit since my 20’s. So, is the financial and time commitment worth it? Is John Oliver, aka Mr. JOLT, worth it? You bet…every penny and every drop of sweat!