Debbie Curbelo

After starting her program Debbie lost her first 48lbs in a remarkable 5 months and most importantly reduced her body percent fat by almost 11.2%. Debbie has encompassed the goals of lifestyle change and healthy living, and is still diligently working to reach her ultimate goals.

It is with a tremendous amount of gratitude that I write this….

I have never worked so hard at losing weight and getting fit and enjoyed it so much. This is primarily due to my personal trainer, John Oliver (Dr. J.O.L.T). His dedication, personal attention and dynamic workouts have been the key to achieving my desired results.

As a female in my “middle aged” years, I had gained some unwanted weight and felt my energy and stamina decreasing. Though I have belonged to other fitness clubs and worked out with other personal trainers in the past, they never seemed to hold my interest. My lack of confidence in other programs and trainers surpassed my desire to work out. Since training with John, I have been able to loose weight, decrease body fat and improve my overall health, all while actually enjoying the workouts. In addition, my strength, stamina, flexibility and reflexes have all significantly and noticeably improved.

I can not stress enough how much confidence that I have in John. The results speak for themselves. He goes above and beyond the responsibilities of a trainer by taking a personal interest in my overall health. Whether he is researching vitamins and supplements on my behalf for nutritional value or a medical concern, or providing me with articles on medical health that he has encountered that might be of value to me, he takes my individual health needs into consideration.

Thank you, John, for keeping me on track and continuing to help me reach my personal fitness goals!

Debbie Curbelo