Brad Gaudin

Brad has made an overall transformation increasing his speed, agility and stamina while decreasing his body fat to an athletic 16.4%. What a father! Watch out children, that trail of dust you are fallowing is Dad.

One of the great things about getting in shape is feeling a sense of control and exhilaration. Not just because the discipline you impose on your body, but the mental preparation you must instill in your mind as well. Any athlete can attest to the feeling of accomplishment and feeling like you can conquer the world, or at least beat out the next guy! Well, I am no different. My son and I are BMX racers. We travel the Southeast racing other riders within our experience and age groups. In order to prepare my body for this form of competition, I needed a coach that would take me through the physical drills needed to enhance my physical strength.

Well, what I found was a whole lot more. John Oliver’s training program outlined a course of physical and mental preparation. In addition, the experience of learning what my body is actually capable of, really set the tone for a program that would give me the stamina to overcome the challenge of competing, not just with other racers, but also with myself!

I was put to the test. In September 2004 I fractured my collarbone in South Carolina. I was on target to be the first racer to cross the finish line; my blood was pumping and both head and heart almost exploded at the thought of coming in first! You see, this was the first time I had actually qualified to compete in a National BMX race. With my family and friends on the sideline, I was ready! But, I over cleared a jump and went down hard. At first I could not feel the pain in my shoulder because I was so mad. I got up, slowly, and walked off to the side. Coupled with both anger and pain, I traveled home convinced that I was not good enough to compete. The blow to my shoulder was nothing compared to the blow to my self-esteem. I was drained, and so when John called and said, “come on in, I can work with you”, I thought he was crazy. After all, I was hurt; I had broken bones and a sling brace to prove it.

The training program John outlined not only defied what I expected, but my doctors were amazed at how well I was healing. But I knew that being fit meant putting my mind in gear to challenge my character. But I was ready! Lifting weights and running through the routine of balance and strength training really gave me the focus I needed to overcome my objections as to why I could not this again. But, I was diligent, and with John’s assistance, not only did I recover 4-weeks before anticipated, I was competing again and winning races. I knew what my body could do, even when broken, so there was really nothing that could stand my way. I am strong, fit, and determined. No only do I feel like stronger athlete, but I have strengthened my character for my myself, my family and my friends in the process.

I will always be grateful for the training, but the educational process and the patience and caring I received with John is something that will stay with me for a lifetime.

– Bradley, 37 year’s young