About John


John Oliver is an elite level Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, who works with professional athletes, physicians, and average everyday people. He is the President of JOLT ® (an elite level Personal Training company), and is an owner of BLAST (a Fitness and Performance center), and Fit4LifeFormula ® (a Health and Wellness community).

Born in Syracuse New York, John was blessed as an exceptional athlete showcasing his talents in every major sport as a youth which included training in speed, strength, agility, coordination and conditioning throughout the years. A specimen standing 6 feet 8 inches in high school; he accepted a Division 1 full scholarship to play basketball at West Virginia University in 1998. John graduated with honors in 2002, on the dean’s list, and a 4 year Big East Academic All-American, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports Management and a minor in Communications.

After graduating John had his sights set on playing professional, though he had been trying to overlook a series of back injuries John Basketballthroughout his college career. He was selected to play with the Empire State Team in New York and after very successfully competing two invitational professional showcase camps he suffered a career ending lower back injury prohibiting him from ever playing again, and ending his dreams of playing professional basketball.

In 2003, John was offered a full scholarship to return to West Virginia University to earn his Masters. In 2004 he graduated with his Masters of Science (which he accomplished in only three semesters) again with honors, in Athletic Coaching with a concentration on Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning Coaching. During that time, he earned the designation of CSCS, (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist®) as defined by the NSCA “National Strength and Conditioning Association” certification executive council. He became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM ® (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and ACE ® (American Council of Exercise). At this time John was also a graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at West Virginia University and managed the Personal Training Department at Lakeview Resort in West Virginia.

In August of 2004 John moved to Florida, where he accepted a position as Personal Training Manager at Lifestyle Family Fitness in Tampa. John broke every record in the company’s 20+ year history, and built an enormous cliental through his reputation and referrals. John had a vision of creating a company where individuals would never be limited by a large corporate entity, and that each trainer would be able to work the hours they wanted at the rates they chose and would have limitless success.

In 2006, John created an elite level personal training company JOLT (John Oliver’s Lifestyle Training), where he relocated to a private training facility. JOLT’s mission was to improve ones quality of life both mentally and physically, through science and education; providing safe and effective workouts that are goal orientated and promote life changing results.
John continued his education in 2007, completing a series of jump start training in MAT ® (Muscle Activation Techniques™) for upper extremities, lower extremities, trunk and spine. He teamed up with Lynn Olcott, a Certified Muscle Activation Specialist (“The Muscle Whisperer”) and acquired a piece of land in developing a professional center to start construction on BLAST, a private fitness and wellness facility.

Blast (Biomechanical Lifestyle Adaptive Strength Techniques) opened in 2008, whose mission was to improve the quality of ones health and well being, through advanced education, certification and specialized professionals in health and wellness. Blast offered the amenities of a massage therapist, Muscle Activation specialist, esthetician, nail technician, Chiropractor, nutritionist, and a variety of versatile trainers / strength and conditioning specialists. John also advanced his education further with completing training courses through RTS? (Resistance Training Specialist). These courses had a concentration in physics (the engineering of the muscular skeletal system and the mechanics of load application, process of activity progression, the spine and trunk, the upper extremities, the lower extremities, and the science of loading).
training5John has been growing his training empire and in 2011 teamed up with Dr. DelRae Messer DC, who specializes in nutrition and detoxification. They createdFit4LifeFormula, an online health and wellness site whose mission is creating a community committed to a lifetime of health and wellness, by providing personal inspiration and support, using their advanced degrees and specialized certifications. They are currently working on a line of nutrition supplements, training equipment, and educational resources. Their target is to help the general population, physicians, youth, elite and professional athletes, as well as people of any age, fitness level or experience reach their goals.


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